T. Fresnelloides? T. Capitata?

T. caput medusae

T. bulbosa belize

Tillandsea Juncea (?), ionantha (?)

Tillandsia ionantha

Tillandsia bulbosa ylhäällä vasemmalla ja alhaalla

The Tillandsia differ in green and gray Tillandsias. 

The green Tillandsia(rainforest-tillandsia) usually grow terrestrially in the shade in moist locations. On the window sill they prefer east and west windows, and their funnel should be regularly filled with water. Care should be taken to ensure that it dries quickly, otherwise the plants begin to rot.

The gray Tillandsia (Desert-Tillandsia) grow mainly epiphytic and prefer bright, sunny locations. They feed on morning and evening dew taken from the fine gray hairs. On the window sill, they should be sprayed on warm days, morning and evening with rain water. When cloudy, dull and overcast, spraying every 2-3 days is enough.

Rainforest Tillandsias

These Tillandsia species are suitable for planting in vivariums, terrariums and aqua-terrariums with high humidity. On the window sill they need some attention with regular spraying without waterlogging. In summer they can be grown outdoors.

Tillandsia albertiana
Tillandsia andreana 
Tillandsia baileyi
Tillandsia bandensis
Tillandsia bergeri
Tillandsia bulbosa
Tillandsia butzii
Tillandsia cyanea
Tillandsia dyeriana
Tillandsia festucoides
Tillandsia filifolia
Tillandsia floribunda
Tillandsia kolbii
Tillandsia leiboldiana
Tillandsia (Catopsis) morreniana
Tillandsia neglecta
Tillandsia plagiotropica
Tillandsia pruinosa
Tillandsia pulchella
Tillandsia seideliana

Desert Tillandsias

The gray Tillandsias are suitable for terrariums with low humidity. Also with little effort, they are easy to cultivate on window sills. During summer they can be outdoors in a sheltered place protected from rain.

Tillandsia aeranthos
Tillandsia argentea
Tillandsia caerulea
Tillandsia capillaris var. Holgeri
Tillandsia caput-medusae
Tillandsia circinata
Tillandsia espinosae
Tillandsia fresnilloensis
Tillandsia fuchsii var. Gracilis
Tillandsia funckiana
Tillandsia gardneri
Tillandsia heteromorpha
Tillandsia ionantha
Tillandsia ionantha fuego
Tillandsia ionantha haselnuss
Tillandsia ionantha rubra
Tillandsia iuncea
Tillandsia ixioides
Tillandsia kammii
Tillandsia magnusiana 
Tillandsia mallemontii
Tillandsia mauryana
Tillandsia myosura
Tillandsia oaxacana
Tillandsia palacea
Tillandsia pueblensis
Tillandsia reichenbachii
Tillandsia setacea
Tillandsia xerographica
Tillandsia xiphioides